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From Hollywood to the Adirondacks, Bing Bang Boom specializes in commercials, political ads, and otherwise high-quality, creative content. Based in Saranac Lake, NY, we bring major Hollywood experience to projects of all sizes, both nationally and locally.

Whether our client is Disney or a local nonprofit like Adirondack Foundation, we approach every job with the same mentality: what is the most compelling and cinematic way to tell this story? With years of experience on big-time movie sets and run-n-gun video shoots, our unique skillset infuses the smallest projects with major league sensibilities.

In the political space, we’ve created ads for Democratic candidates across the country. In 2020 we were grateful to work with the Biden campaign and many other gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional candidates.  With political ads crowding the airwaves, ours stick out with their outside-the-box, cinematic approach.